Teeth Whitening

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Opalescence Custom Tray Before and After

We offer three whitening options to our patients. For many patients, we recommend using custom whitening trays overnight. The advantage of this technique is that sensitivity is minimized. When patients try to whiten their teeth too quickly, teeth become sensitive. By using low concentrations of our whitening period for an extended period of time, tooth sensitivity can be minimized or eliminated. Our team will create custom whitening trays in our office that you can wear overnight. It often takes 2-4 weeks to begin to see results using this technique. For patients that have a special event such as a wedding coming up soon, we have in office whitening available using Opalescence Boost. We typically think of this tool as a "touch up" prior to a big event because the results are quick, but not dramatic. Our most affordable options is Opalescence Go Whitening, which contains preformed trays that are one size fits all. 

Custom Tray

Custom Tray whitening has been the gold standard method of since it was discovered in the 1980's. This remains the best option for maintaining a beautiful white smile for life. Once a custom tray is made, you can keep the tray for many years while you refill the whitening gel syringes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for receiving custom whitening trays?

Two visits to our office are required for the fabrication of custom whitening trays. At the first visit, we will take a mold of your teeth and discuss what your whitening goals are. This information will allow our office to design a custom teeth whitening plan for you. After your first visit, we will make your trays out of a clear flexible material. At your final visit, we will try in your custom whitening trays and make any needed adjustments. We will also go over the instructions of your individual whitening plan. We recommend taking pictures of your teeth prior to beginning treatment so that you can track your own individual improvement.

Is whitening an option for me if my teeth are sensitive?

Dental sensitivity is a common issue that many patients struggle with. Modern teeth whitening materials have ingredients that are able to minimize cold sensitivity. For patients that have dental sensitivity, we recommend using the lowest concentration of whitening gel and only whitening every other or every third day.

Ready to Wear Tray

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