Tooth Replacement Options

The goal of a tooth replacement is to replicate a natural tooth as close as possible. While we aren't able to regrow teeth, we have several options that can come close to that goal. A dental implant involves an artificial root and porcelain crown. It can be nearly impossible to distinguish a dental implant from a natural tooth. If a dental implant isn't an option for financial or other reasons, a dental bridge is the next best option for a single missing tooth. A porcelain bridge looks identical to the surrounding tooth. A downside of dental bridges is that it is impossible to floss in between the teeth involved with the bridge. If finances are a concern and multiple teeth are missing, a removable partial denture can be an affordable replacement option. If all teeth are missing, a denture or implant retained denture is an option. If you are interested in tooth replacement, we would be happy to discuss your options with a free consultation. 

Tooth Replacement Options

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are one of the best innovations in modern dentistry. Prior to dental implants, our tooth replacement options had many negative aspects to them that made tooth replacement not desirable for some patients. Today's dental implants are highly successful and look extremely natural. If you are looking for a permanent cosmetic solution to missing teeth, dental implants may be your best option. Dental implants replicate natural teeth because they have a root as well as the crown of the tooth. To learn more about dental implants and to decide if dental implants are the best option to replace a missing tooth click here.

Dental Bridge

In some situations, dental implants are not possible or are not the best tooth replacement option. In those situations, dental bridges are the next best option because we are able to make dental bridges that look very natural and are cemented permanently. A dental bridge does not have to be taken out at night. Similar to dental crown, dental bridges are placed permanently on natural teeth. A bridge consists of a crown on the tooth in front of the missing tooth and a crown behind the missing tooth with an artificial porcelain toot connected to both crowns. To learn more about dental bridges and determine if it is the right solution for you, click here. 

Removable Partial Denture

A removable partial denture is a cost effective way to replace missing teeth. A properly designed and fabricated removable partial denture can affordably accomplish the functional and cosmetic goals of our patients. In cases where multiple teeth are missing, dental implants or bridges can be cost prohibitive, so it can be worth exploring the removable partial denture option. RPD's must be removed and cleaned at night time, but can be used to chew food and function throughout the day. If you would like to learn more about removable partial dentures and see if they may be the best solution for you, click here.