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Tooth Replacement Options

The goal of a tooth replacement is to replicate a natural tooth as close as possible. While we aren't able to regrow teeth, we have several options that can come close to that goal. A dental implant involves an artificial root and porcelain crown. It can be nearly impossible to distinguish a dental implant from a natural tooth. If a dental implant isn't an option for financial or other reasons, a dental bridge is the next best option for a single missing tooth. A porcelain bridge looks identical to the surrounding tooth. A downside of dental bridges is that it is impossible to floss in between the teeth involved with the bridge. If finances are a concern and multiple teeth are missing, a removable partial denture can be an affordable replacement option. If all teeth are missing, a denture or implant retained denture is an option. If you are interested in tooth replacement, we would be happy to discuss your options with a free consultation.