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Custom Tray whitening has been the gold standard method of teeth whitening since it was discovered in the 1980's. This remains the best option for maintaining a beautiful white smile for life. Once a custom tray is made, you can keep the tray for many years while you refill the whitening gel syringes. The advantage of this technique is that sensitivity is minimized. By using low concentrations of our whitening period over an extended period of time, tooth sensitivity can be minimized or eliminated. It often takes 2-4 weeks to begin to see results using this technique. 

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Opalescence Custom Tray Before and After

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Custom Whitening Trays are individually made for each patient. At the first appointment, we will make a mold of your upper and lower teeth. We will then use this mold to make custom trays that fit over each tooth. Schedule your free custom tray below by choosing the option "Teeth Whitening" as the appointment type.