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Tooth aches, chipped teeth, and tooth loss are scary moments for our patients. While we do everything we can to prevent these events from occurring, Dr. Adam Carraway is well trained to take care of all your emergency dental needs. The first step in treatment is determining what is causing the tooth pain. Every tooth has a nerve, or pulp, in its center that can become inflamed and cause pain. Dental decay that has reached the nerve is the most common source of this inflammation and pain

If dental decay reaches the tooth's pulp and remains untreated, the nerve inside the tooth will become necrotic, or dead. When this happens the gums and tissue surrounding the tooth can form a dental abscess. When a dental abscess forms, the patient will often form a pimple like bump on their gums. This is a sign of chronic infection and need for immediate treatment.

When the tooth's pulp is inflamed or necrotic, the tooth can be saved with a root canal or extracted. It is often cheaper and easier to save the tooth with a root canal rather than replacing the tooth with a dental implant later.

If a tooth has become chipped or lost, it is important to see a dentist that can treat dental emergencies. When a tooth is chipped, it must be examined for further damage. In some cases, the trauma to the tooth can cause the tooth to die. After examination, the chipped tooth can be usually be treated with tooth colored fillings or porcelain crowns.

When the entire tooth comes out of the socket, or avulsed, it can often be placed back into the jaw bone. In these cases, it is very important to see an emergency dentist in Greer, SC as soon as possible. If the tooth is placed back into the socket within 40 minutes, the tooth has the best chance of surviving. After placing the tooth back into the site, a wire similar to braces will be used to brace the tooth to the other remaining teeth.

If you have a dental emergency, call our 24 hour dental emergency phone number and one of our experienced dentists will give you the care you are seeking.

24 hour dental emergency hotline in Greer, SC


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