In Office Whitening

Utilizing Boost in office teeth whitening, we are able to offer the ability to whiten teeth in a single visit. This process begins by using a tray filled with a desensitizing solution for 20 minutes to minimize any chances of developing tooth sensitivity after the whitening procedure. Next, a special material is applied to the gums so that the whitening material will only contact the teeth. Finally, Boost Whitening is applied to the teeth for thirty minutes before it is rinsed off. Our patients typically notice an immediate improvement in tooth color, but it can take several days to achieve the final result. With each in office whitening procedure, we also include professional take home trays that should be worn for two weeks to achieve a truly white smile. Whitening procedures can not change the color of fillings or crowns, so it is important to consult your dentist to determine what the best technique will be to achieve the desired result. 

Before and After

Opalescence Boost.PNG

Treatment Process

Opalescence Boost Process.PNG
Opalescence Boost Process 2.PNG