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Dr. Adam Carraway is a kind and gentle dentist who welcomes new patients that want to find the best options for their smile. He wants his patients to feel confident and comfortable in his care. He has also continued his dental education to bring the best dental treatments and methods to his patients. You will find new patient information for our Greer, SC dental office on this page. Please let Dr. Carraway and his dental team know if you have questions or concerns. They look forward to meeting you at your next dental visit.

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What to Expect at Your Dental Cleaning

Our talented dental professionals are well-trained to make you comfortable during your dental visit. During your teeth cleaning, our team will review your medical history to ensure no changes will impact your stay with us. If you have not had updated dental X-rays, our team will recommend taking new X-rays to properly diagnose any potential issues with your teeth or gums. One of our dental hygienists will then clean any tartar, or buildup, from your teeth and gums. After polishing your teeth, we will complete a dental exam where Dr. Carraway will check for cavities and other dental issues. If any are found, we will present your dental treatment options.

While every patient has different dental needs, we typically recommend patients receive dental cleanings every six months if they have healthy teeth and gums. We can prevent gum inflammation by removing buildup every six months. If patients have a history of gum disease, we typically recommend dental cleanings every three months to prevent gum disease from progressing.

The primary purpose of teeth cleaning is to remove tartar from your teeth and root surface. Tartar can also be called dental calculus or buildup. The makeup of tartar is various mineral components along with bacteria. The body reacts to tartar with an inflammatory response, so it is essential to receive dental cleanings to remove tartar from the tooth surface. Tartar can not be removed by brushing or flossing alone, so it must be done professionally by a dental hygienist or dentist.

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Common Dental Care FAQs

Do you have specific questions about your oral health? Read common questions many patients have here. You can also find more answers to dental questions on our dental health FAQs page:

Can medical conditions impact my oral health?

Yes, there are certain health conditions and medicines that can impact a patient’s dental health. For instance, heart disease and diabetes can cause and be caused by gum problems. This is due to the buildup of harmful bacteria that inflame the gums. Harmful bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect the health of the heart. AIn addition, antihistamines antipsychotics, and antihypertensive medications can darken the tooth enamel. Please let our team know if you have any medical conditions. These conditions can impact the appearance and health of the teeth and gums.

How do I improve my oral hygiene?

Flossing before brushing your teeth allows the brush to reach areas better between the teeth. Any food particles or plaque cleaned between the teeth have already been removed, so these areas are more thoroughly clean. Remember to brush your tongue to combat bad breath and keep harmful bacteria at bay. You can get a deeper clean with an interdental brush if you have dental restorations like tooth crowns, dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures. These types of brushes are shaped for hard-to-reach areas underneath restorations.

What are the best teeth whitening options?

The most effective tooth whitening treatment for each patient depends on their specific needs. Opalescence Go, Opalescence PF, and Opalescence Boost are in-office and take-home treatments we offer our patients. Every patient is different and may prefer quick or gradual therapy in the comfort of their own home. Some patients with deep staining in their tooth enamel may benefit from dental bonding or porcelain veneers. These treatments cover the front of teeth to brighten their appearance.

Why are routine dental appointments necessary?

At routine dental appointments, our team can keep track of any developing oral health problems and stop them from worsening. These visits provide preventative care against cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious dental issues. Patients should visit dental visits every six months or twice a year to maintain oral health.

Which treatments are covered by dental insurance?

Typically, dental insurance can cover preventative treatments such as dental fillings, tooth crowns, and oral surgery. However, each dental insurance differs in coverage. We also offer an in-house dental plan if you do not have dental insurance. This plan covers x-rays, cleanings, and more. Patients can also add multiple family members to their plans.

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Are you looking for a dental office that treats patients in Taylors and Greer, SC? Request a dental consultation with Dr. Carraway online. You can also call his office for treatment at 864.268.7812. Feel free to let us know if you have more questions about our practice or treatment process. Our compassionate and friendly team is always ready to help patients.