Family Dentistry

As a family dental practice, we are able to take care of our patients throughout each stage of life. This means that children will never "grow out" of our office. Because our dentists are experienced in adult as well as children's dentistry, we are able to identify issues in the spacing or function of baby teeth before they affect the adult teeth

We work hard to ensure each of our patients has a wonderful experience at our office. We understand dental offices can be a scary place for our youngest patients. For that reason, we encourage our parents to bring their children along to their cleaning appointments prior to the child's first dental visit. This allows the child to see that it can be an enjoyable experience to go to the dentist and nothing to fear. 

We recommend first dental visits for pediatric dental patients as soon as their first tooth comes in or after 18 months old. This allows our dental team to identify any issues that may be present as early as possible and allow corrections in diet or hygiene before it becomes a serious problem. 

We work with a team of experienced specialists such as orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons when necessary. We recommend for most patients to have an initial consultation with an experienced orthodontist at age seven. It can be much easier for an orthodontist to correct issues in the bite or spacing of teeth when the issues are caught early in the development stage of growth. If an extreme overbite or underbite is identified early enough, a correction can often be made using braces alone rather than surgery. 

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Family Dentistry Procedures