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Dental Crown Greer SC

Dental crowns are dental restorations used to cover and protect teeth. Dr. Adam Carraway provides dental crowns in Greer, SC to his patients in his dental office. Patients with discolored, weakened, worn, chipped, cracked, and otherwise damaged teeth can benefit from tooth crowns. Our dental crowns are made of durable porcelain ceramic that creates a natural end result. Tooth crowns not only improve the aesthetic of the smile but also bring balance to the bite.

Tooth Crowns in Greer, South Carolina

Treatment with Dental Crowns in Greer, SC

We’ll talk to you about your options and goals so that we can make sure crowns are the best choice for you. To get a dental crown, we prepare your tooth so that the crown fits. Some tooth structure has to be removed and shaped correctly so that the crown fits down overtop. We take impressions of the prepared tooth so that the crown can be customized to fit you perfectly.

Dr. Carraway works with a high-quality local lab to create tooth crowns. He refers patients to the lab for precise impressions of the teeth and shade matching to fit the aesthetic of the smile. The dental crowns are created according to these specifications in the dental lab. During this time, patients are given temporary crowns. Once the permanent tooth crowns are complete, they are secured to either dental implants or natural teeth.

The Versatility of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile tools a dentist has at their disposal. They aren’t only good for many restorative issues, but for cosmetic problems as well. Discolored teeth is a problem many people face. Sometimes, the discoloration can’t be treated with traditional whitening methods. Teeth rendered “dead” by trauma or teeth stained by things like medication can’t be bleached. A dental crown can fully cover these teeth and it’s color-matched to the shade of white you desire.

A misshapen or disfigured tooth is not only a cosmetic problem, it can impact the functionality of your mouth as well. It may be hard to chew food with or change the way you speak. The crown completely covers it and you get back the full functionality of the tooth as well. This is also the case if you have a tooth that’s been severely damaged or decayed. The crown holds your tooth together and replaces any parts that have broken off.

One of the most common uses for a crown is to stabilitze a tooth. When a root canal procedure is performed, the tooth pulp is removed and replaced with another material. The dentist seals the tooth off, but a dental crown is often used to ensure functionality and further protect the tooth from decay. Crowns also stabilize a tooth that’s serving as an anchor for a dental bridge. Without fortification, anchor teeth can wear down much faster and are more susceptible to decay and infection.

Lastly, crowns are the most common choice to complete a dental implant restoration. A custom dental crown makes the restoration both feel and look the most like a natural tooth.

Dental Crown FAQs

Want to know more about dental crowns? Read answers to frequently asked questions about tooth crown treatment below:

How do I know if I am a good candidate for dental crowns?

Patients with a wide range of oral health problems can receive dental crowns. Even if you have a tooth infection or missing teeth, you can be a candidate for dental crown treatment. Dr. Carraway always makes sure that the teeth and gums are healthy enough for treatment. He can address a dental infection or replace missing teeth with implants and then cap them off with tooth crowns.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Carraway and he can help you find out whether or not crowns are right for you.

Do dental crowns damage natural teeth?

No, if you are receiving a crown to cover a natural tooth, it will not damage it. Only a small part of the natural tooth will need to be shaved off to ensure that the crown fits properly. Dental crowns need enough enamel to function properly, which means we do not need to wear down the enamel for a crown. Besides, tooth crowns can be used to address teeth that have already been damaged.

Can I whiten my dental crowns?

No, tooth crowns and other porcelain or ceramic treatments cannot be whitened. Only the natural tooth enamel can be effectively whitened with professional treatment. Crowns are also meant to brighten the smile as well as provide strength and improved aesthetics. If you have an old, broken, or discolored tooth crown, we can provide a replacement for you.

Are inlays and onlays similar to dental crowns?

Yes, inlays and onlays are treatments often compared to tooth fillings and crowns. However, they cover a smaller area than dental crowns. Both inlays and onlays are made of ceramic to blend in with the natural color of teeth. Inlays cover the top of teeth, between the tooth sides, or cusps. Onlays also cover the tooth’s surface but cover the cusps.

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