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Emergency Dentist Greer, SC

In the event of a dental emergency, call Carraway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at 864.383.9711. It is important to receive immediate care to stop the development of severe oral health problems. Emergency dentistry is a general dental treatment because it helps prevent further infection, lost teeth, or damage to both the teeth and gums. Dr. Adam Carraway is an emergency dentist in Greer, SC that helps patients restore the health and function of their smiles with prompt care.

A dental emergency is any problem that needs immediate attention. Something like a small tooth chip is cosmetic and probably won’t call you any pain. This doesn’t warrant an emergency dental appointment. But when a larger chunk breaks off, it exposes dental nerves and causes a lot of pain. Something like this needs to be taken care of right away. Pain can prevent you from eating and speaking the way that you should. This is definitely a dental emergency.Dental Emergency in Greer, South Carolina

Common Dental Emergencies

Some of the most common dental emergencies that our office treats include:

Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

If you have just knocked out a permanent tooth, try to locate it. Hold it by the crown, or top, and rinse it in cool water. Place the tooth in a cup of cold milk for transport to our office. Sometimes teeth that are preserved in this way can be reattached. If we cannot reattach the tooth, we will recommend a dental implant, a dental restoration that looks and feel like a natural tooth. Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone and fuse with it to create a stable foundation for a dental crown.

Tooth Injuries

Call us if you have a chipped or cracked tooth. Some dental injuries can expose the nerves of the tooth, which makes them prone to infection. Treating teeth injuries promptly can protect the teeth from decay and even loss. Dental veneers and tooth bonding can be the best options for smaller breaks in the enamel. Tooth crowns cover a more extensive area of the tooth and provide added durability.

Severe Tooth Pain

Contact our office immediately if you have sudden, severe tooth pain. Common causes of tooth pain include a tooth abscess, impacted tooth, or cavity. Our team will examine your teeth and gums to provide the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Excessive Bleeding

Some patients with gum inflammation experience bleeding gums after they brush their teeth. It is normal for patients with inflammation to experience this, though they will need to schedule routine visits and keep up with their hygiene routine at home. Cases of excessive bleeding are abnormal. Some bleeding is normal if you have recently undergone dental treatment. However, if bleeding continues for several hours, please contact our office.

Broken or Damaged Dental Restorations

We can treat patients who have just damaged a tooth crown, dental bridge, or denture. Broken restorations can impact all tooth functions and make it difficult to eat or speak. Call our office as soon as possible so we can provide you with a temporary restoration and plan a new crown, bridge, or denture.

Contact Our Dental Office Today

Are you looking for a friendly dental office that offers high-quality dental services? Call Carraway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for treatment today at 864.383.9711. If you do not have a dental emergency but would like to schedule a dental appointment online, feel free to do so. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you at your next dental visit.