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Teeth Whitening Greer, SC

Do you have yellowed, stained, or discolored teeth? Are you looking for effective and comfortable teeth whitening treatment? Dr. Adam Carraway provides teeth whitening with Opalescence in Greer, SC. Different types of Opalescence treatments can address varying needs. Dr. Carraway helps patients choose the best cosmetic dental treatment for their needs. Some patients may feel comfortable with in-office treatment while others may want to try teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Carraway works with patients throughout the treatment process to help them find the best treatment type for their smiles.

Whiten teeth in Greer, South Carolina

The Benefits of Whitening Teeth Professionally

Patients who undergo professional teeth whitening are often more motivated to maintain their results. This means that patients with brighter smiles stick to a good oral hygiene routine to keep their teeth white. Teeth whitening can also reverse signs of aging on the smile and increase patients’ confidence.

Compared to store-bought whitening treatments, Opalescence can provide quick results that can last with touch-up treatment. Many kinds of toothpaste, gels, and whitening strips found in stores may take a long time to work or can cause tooth sensitivity. Opalescence whitening treatments are tailored to each patient.

In-office, we use a shade guide to determine the desired results of each patient. We use this guide to whiten their teeth to the exact shade. For take-home treatments, patients can control the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in their whitening gel.

When teeth are whitened professionally, you receive more consistent results. Because over-the-counter options are supposed to be one size fits all, they usually don’t fit you properly. You don’t get even results and your teeth can appear splotchy. With the customizing capabilities of professional treatment, you get clean, even results.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are multiple Opalescence treatments we offer to our patients, including:

  • Opalescence Go: These prefilled, ready-to-wear trays offer convenience for patients to whiten their teeth from the comfort of their own homes. For patients with sensitive teeth, the Opalescence Go whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride. Patients also have the option of choosing a gel with 10% or 15% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Opalescence PF: For a more customized fit, we recommend Opalescence PF. Like Opalescence Go, Opalescence PF allows our patients to whiten their teeth at home. Opalescence PF also allows patients to choose from five concentrations of teeth whitening gel. If you have sensitive teeth, you can tailor your whitening treatment to your needs.
  • Opalescence Boost: Opalescence Boost is an in-office treatment we provide for patients who want brilliant results in just under an hour. To begin this treatment, we place a barrier around the gum line to ensure the whitening gel only comes in contact with the teeth. Then, we apply the gel to the teeth, where it will remain for 20 minutes. The gel is removed and then we will evaluate the shade of your teeth. We can repeat the process multiple times until we achieve the desired results.

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