Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are an important tool used in the preventing the progression of dental decay. When plaque comes in contact with sugar, acid is formed with breaks down tooth structure. This broken down tooth structure is commonly referred to as decay or a cavity. When caught early enough, cavities can be treated with dental fillings rather than a root canal or tooth extraction. We use white filling material to restore broken down tooth structure to its original shape. Our goal is to restore your tooth to the shape that it was prior to any decay occurring. When it is impossible for our patients to determine what is tooth and what is filling material, we have accomplished our goal. 

Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary

The primary goal of dentistry is to maintain healthy teeth for life. While we do everything we can to prevent dental decay, teeth develop dental cavities on occasion. When dental cavities are caught early enough, they can be treated with dental fillings. If the cavity is left untreated long enough, it may progress into the nerve of the tooth and cause a toothache. Toothaches that result from deep cavities in the nerve must be treated with root canals. Therefore, it is advantageous to treat cavities with dental fillings before the reach the nerve of the tooth.

What is a Dental Filling

The goal of a dental filling is to restore the decayed or broken down tooth structure. Traditionally, dentists would use silver fillings to restore the dental decay. Today, we use tooth colored fillings that replicate the appearance of a tooth much better. After removing dental decay and cleaning the tooth, a composite resin material (a tooth colored filling) is placed into the space.  

Dental Filling.PNG

What to Expect at Your Filling Appointment

Your comfort is our highest priority during every appointment, but especially during dental filling appointments. During a dental filling, it is necessary to numb the tooth so that we can work on it pain free. We know that many of our patients are afraid of the numbing procedure, so we work hard to ensure that it is as pleasant as possible. After numbing the tooth, we will remove the cavity, and place the dental filling. In order to ensure that you have a pleasant experience during your appointment, we have developed the relaxation menu to calm any nerves.