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Dental Concerns Greer, SC

At Carraway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we serve our patients by treating various dental concerns in Greer, SC. We provide quality dental treatment for general, cosmetic, and restorative dental issues. We’re a one-stop shop for your dental concerns and can provide all of the dental care you need under one roof.

Our patients are our top priority. We use advanced technology to assist in diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Adam Carraway takes part in continuing education so that he’s always up to date on the latest treatment capabilities. We’re experienced in treating everything from simple plaque and tartar buildup to complex dental concerns with preventative dental care.

dental concerns in Greer, South Carolina

Dental Concerns in Greer, SC

Below are some of the most common dental concerns that we can fix in our preventive dental care practice.

Bleeding Gums

Bad breath is also called halitosis. It’s something everyone experiences at some time or another. But when it’s persistent and constant, it’s a warning sign that something isn’t right in your mouth. Chronic bad breath can be caused by tooth decay, gum disease, an infection, or other problems. We need to find the root cause so that it can be treated effectively.

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth can range from cosmetic chips to severe breaks. Whether you want a cosmetic fix or need something to restore full function to your tooth, we can help. Every case is unique, and we’ll ensure the correct fix for your specific needs.

Dental Anxiety

Many people have a fear of the dentist. It can be just certain sounds or sights that trigger it, or you may be unable to come into the office at all. We want to provide the dental care you need in a way that’s relaxing for you. Sedation dentistry is available at our office to help you get the necessary care. Call us, and we’ll find the perfect option for you.

Discolored Teeth

All of us want a bright white smile. But lifestyle habits and age take their toll on our teeth. Other factors can also contribute to a discolored smile. Professional teeth whitening is the best way to brighten your smile. We offer alternative methods, too, if your staining doesn’t respond to traditional whitening techniques.


You may not realize it, but headaches can actually result from dental problems. TMJ headaches usually occur when you wake up, and the tension can spread throughout the face, jaw, and neck. If you frequently wake up with headaches, schedule an appointment to see if TMJ is the cause.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth leave a hole in your smile and are one of the worst things for your oral health. They put you at a higher risk for further dental problems, your teeth shift around, and your jawbone deteriorates. We offer multiple solutions to replace missing teeth, including dental implants. Implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement. To learn more, see Missing Teeth.

Teeth Grinding

You usually grind and clench your teeth at night or subconsciously during the day. It’s often when you’re stressed, but it can have other factors and side effects. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, goes hand in hand with TMJ disorders. Bruxism wears down your teeth faster, causes pain, and can impact the way your jaw joint functions.

Tooth Cavities

Almost everyone has a cavity at some point in their lives. They’re one of the things we see most frequently. Plaque and tartar build up on the tooth, causing tooth decay and a hole in the tooth. Treating them with dental fillings is essential to prevent the decay from spreading further in the tooth. Learn more about tooth cavities here.

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