Cosmetic Dentistry

With 42 years of experience and hundreds of smile makeovers completed, Dr. Dickert is a leading expert in cosmetic dentistry that will get you the results that you are looking for. An artist at heart, Dr. Dickert has an eye for beauty and knows what it takes to design a beautiful smile. An abundance of planning prior to initiating the smile makeover process is necessary to create a beautiful smile that will last.  

Like anything in life, a beautiful smile must begin with a well thought out plan. Dr. Adam Carraway and Dr. James Dickert have the experience it takes to design a smile that will be engineered to hold up to whatever life throws at it. Using the latest materials including naturally shaded porcelain or ceramic when necessary, Drs. Dickert and Carraway will give you a beautiful result that you will be proud to show off

A beautiful smile must blend in naturally with the shape and proportions of your lips, face, and eye line. Each of these factors must be analyzed before beginning a smile makeover. The size of each tooth must be based on the overall width of your face. The shade or color of your smile should be appropriate for your age, gender, and personal preferences. We want a smile that looks nice, but ultimately appears natural. Too white and your smile will appear fake; too dark and we won't achieve the youthful appearance we are looking for

After an initial exam, our dentists will take molds and digital photographs of your teeth, smile and face. Behind the scenes, we will work with our high quality cosmetic dental laboratory technicians to analyze your current smile and decide what can be done to improve your smile. Using the photographs, we can ensure that the plane of your smile is in line with your eyes and ears. We can also determine if the length of your teeth is appropriate for your lips. On occasion, we will recommend shortening or lengthening the size of your teeth if your lips are hiding too much or too little of your teeth and gums

Next, we will us the stone models of your current teeth to digitally design a smile that is aesthetic based on the previously discussed factors. We will transfer this design to a wax model where we can discuss any changes that you would like. We can use our temporary materials to test out these changes before ever altering the shape of your teeth.

If you would like to discuss a smile makeover, we would love to help design the smile you have always dreamed of!

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

What is Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry has always tried to accomplish the functional goal of treating dental decay, preventing tooth loss, and preserving healthy teeth for life. However, in recent years, dentistry has moved beyond functional goals to include the cosmetic goal of creating beautiful smiles. The innovation of our understanding of how teeth can be moved, whitened, and reshaped has allow cosmetic dentists to dramatically improve the appearance of a patient's smile. Cosmetic dentistry is not one area of study; it is important to understand multiple aspects of dentistry and integrate that understanding into a comprehensive study of esthetics. 

Integrating the study of facial esthetic with the treatment choices of Invisalign, teeth whitening, teeth reshaping, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers can give patients the beautiful smile that they have always wanted. Every smile is different, so it is important to begin the cosmetic dental journey with a consultation.