COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Is the office open as usual?

We are closely monitoring updates from local, state, and federal agencies for guidance on how to operate our dental practice. At this point in time, we are taking additional precautions, but we are open for business and treating all scheduled patients. 

What precautions is the office taking?

We have analyzed every point of contamination in our office and made alterations to protocol. We have "closed" our waiting room, meaning that each patient should wait in their car until their treatment room is ready. At this point, our team will call the patient on their cell phone and inform them we are ready for them to come straight to their clean treatment room without touching anything. Our team will hold any doors open so that patients will not have to touch any potentially contaminated surfaces. Prior to treatment, all patients will be screened for potential respiratory infection or recent travel. Every surface of each patient room is disinfected using the highest medical grade disinfectant. Each instrument is steam sterilized using an autoclave that is tested weekly for its ability to kill microorganisms. During treatment, we have eliminated the use of ultrasonics that can create aerosols. After treatment, we have also eliminated the credit card machine from operation. Credit card payments can be made at any time from our website. We believe that by taking these steps, our office is one of the safest businesses you can visit during this unprecedented time.

What does it mean that the waiting room is "closed"?

After analyzing every step in our patient experience, we felt it would be best for our patients to walk directly from their cars to the clean treatment rooms. When you arrive to your appointment, please call or text the office to let us know you have arrived. A member of our team will call or text you to let you know that your treatment room is ready for you. At that point, we will meet you at the door and open it for you so that you can walk straight to the treatment room without touching anything.