Children's Dentistry

As a family dental practice, our dental team is able to care for patients of all ages. The primary advantage of a family dental office is that children never "grow out" of our office. We treat each patient with the intention that we will be treating them for life. With this viewpoint, we are able to see how the teeth and jaws are developing and correct issues when they arise.

The most important component of children's dentistry is education and prevention. We work hard to ensure that our youngest patients have wonderful dental experiences so that they will never be afraid of the dentist. Rather, they will look forward to visiting for preventative check ups. As a member of each child's healthcare team, we look for areas of improvement to ensure a lifetime of quality oral health. After each visit, we make dietary and home hygiene recommendations to improve dental outcomes and reduce the possibility of future dental disease. 


We recommend establishing a dental home and seeing a dentist for the first time by the time the first tooth comes in or eighteen months of age. This allows our team to identify issues and recommend corrective actions before problems arise. Because the first impression of the dentist is extremely important, we often recommend a child join their parents during their six month cleaning to see that the dental office is a welcoming place.