Dental Bonding

Our team can use dental bonding to improve the shape of our patients' front teeth. Bonding is the use of tooth colored filling materials to enhance a smile. Dental materials have improved significantly in the past decade to the point that resin composites or filling materials can be used to create a beautiful smile when placed by an experienced dentist. Each smile is unique so if you are considering dental bonding, schedule a free smile consultation with Dr. Carraway 

When is Dental Bonding Appropriate?

Dental bonding is primarily used to conservatively repair chipped or cracked teeth. By perfectly matching the color of the natural tooth structure adjacent to the chipped tooth with a tooth colored filling material, the dental bonding blends naturally into the smile. Because dental filling materials can not be whitened once they are placed, it is important to be happy with the color of your teeth prior to pursuing dental bonding treatment. If you want whiter teeth, we recommend whitening your teeth prior to having dental bonding placed on your teeth.

Dental Bonding Before and After

Dental Bonding Before and After.png

How Do You Care For Dental Bonding?

Modern dental materials are both beautiful and strong which means you can care for them just like your natural teeth. They do not require any type of special diets or restrictions. We typically recommend adding a WaterPik water flosser into your daily brushing and flossing routine to maximize the number of years your dental bonding will last. You will still have natural tooth structure underneath the dental bonding that can still get dental decay or a cavity. Therefore, it is very important to keep your teeth healthy and clean to ensure your dental bonding will last as long as possible. 

What Is The Process For Dental Bonding?

Planning what you want your bonding to look like before starting the procedure is very important. We want everyone to aware of what the expectations and goals are so that they are aligned. If you would like a whiter smile, we recommend bleaching your teeth prior to starting the dental bonding process. If you would like dental bonding on multiple front teeth, we may recommend taking molds of your teeth and designing the final shapes prior to beginning the process. During the dental bonding procedure, we will likely numb your teeth so that you are completely numb. The procedure will typically take one to two hours depending on how many teeth are being bonded. Because every smile is unique, we recommend talking to one of our trained cosmetic dentists about your specific situation by scheduling a smile consultation.