All on Four

All on Four dental treatment has also been known as a Hybrid denture, screw retained denture, and a fixed removable denture. This option is the best option available for patients without teeth or with teeth in extremely poor shape. After placing four or more implants, a specially made set of teeth is tightly secured to the implants. The advantage of this treatment option is that unlike a conventional denture or overdenture, the teeth are not removable. The teeth can also be fabricated to look like beautiful natural teeth. If you are interested in this treatment option, the best place to start is with a free implant consultation. 

What is an All on Four Dental Treatment

An All on Four dental implant treatment is a fantastic option for patients that would like teeth that do not have to be removed at night. After placing four dental implants, a dental prosthesis is fabricated and permanently attached to the dental implants. In most cases, all on four patients will be able to have their teeth taken out and leave with an all on four solution the same day as the surgery. Every all on four case is unique, so the best place to start is with a consultation.

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