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Am I Eligible for Dental Implants?

Tooth loss can significantly impact your quality of life. You might feel self-conscious about gaps in your smile with missing teeth or note a decline in your oral capabilities. Tooth replacement treatment from your dentist will enhance your smile and its function. It can also prevent further oral health deterioration.

Dental implants can replace missing teeth and provide the most comprehensive restorative benefits. But not every patient will qualify for this tooth replacement solution. Read on to find three characteristics that a dentist looks for when considering a patient for dental implants.

smile with confidence with dental implant tooth replacement

What Makes a Good Implant Dentistry Patient?

Seeking Long-Term Tooth Replacement

A dental implant features a titanium post anchor that a dentist surgically places into the jaw. It fuses with the bone there as it heals, providing ideal support for the prosthetic teeth that the dentist attaches to this post above the gumline.

Because of the nature of this procedure and where it derives this support, dentists consider this treatment a permanent tooth replacement. Therefore, patients who pursue this solution must know that this treatment can last for twenty or more years.

Some patients may prefer an oral appliance to replace their missing teeth that they can remove when they like such as dentures. Discuss your preferences with your dentist to learn if implant dentistry will be the best treatment for your dental needs.

Maintaining Stable and Strong Jawbone

Dental implants rely on posts in the jaw supporting the prosthetic teeth. So the patient seeking this treatment must possess a strong jawbone. But missing teeth can cause the bone in the jaw to deteriorate over time. Implants can stop this process, but if too much bone has already been lost, the jaw might not be strong enough to sustain an implant.

Your dentist can check the health of your jawbone with x-ray imaging taken during a consultation appointment. If the jaw is too weak, the dentist may suggest a bone graft. This surgery will take bone material from another source and add it to the patient’s jaw to create more structure.

After this heals, the patient might have a stable enough jaw to support an implant. If this option is not feasible, you may need an alternative tooth replacement solution.

Exhibiting Commitment to the Implant Dentistry Process

Implant dentistry involves a multi-step process that will require three or more visits to your dentist’s office. If you want to replace your missing teeth with implants, you will need to know that this treatment can take several months to complete. They should exhibit patience and focus on the end result.

When the process finishes, patients will have gorgeous prosthetic teeth that give them a bright and even smile. They can chew and speak as they normally would without worrying that their devices will slip out of place. They can also preserve their dental and facial structure, not allowing their oral health to decline in the absence of teeth.