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What Can Bonding Do for My Smile?

Have you noticed flaws in your smile’s appearance lately? Though our smiles can change over time, we might not feel happy about these alterations. Your dentist can help you improve the look of your teeth when you schedule a cosmetic consultation.

They may suggest tooth bonding to give your teeth’s appearance a boost. This process involves composite resin that a dentist applies to the teeth, sculpts, and cures according to a patient’s aesthetic goals. Read on to find four ways that teeth bonding treatment can enhance the look of your smile.

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4 Cosmetic Benefits with Teeth Bonding

Brighten Tooth Color

Teeth may grow dull, yellow, or stained over time, often for reasons outside of a patient’s control. But your dentist can help you get a natural, even, and beautiful color in your teeth with dental bonding.

The tooth-colored resin will make your smile brighter without looking artificial. Your dentist can give it an improved finish with a final polish. This individualized focus from your dentists ensures a high-quality result in your tooth color.

Bonding might be subject to discoloration from foods and drinks that contain staining agents. Make sure you follow aftercare instructions from your dentist to get the most out of your treatment.

Amend Minor Tooth Breakage

Accidents may occur that will leave a chip or crack in your tooth. These injuries can worsen without prompt intervention from your dentist, so seek their assistance as soon as you can.

Major tooth breakage like a fracture may need restorative dental solutions such as a dental crown to fix. But smaller cracks and chips can be amended with bonding. The resin restores the shape of the tooth while also providing an effective seal to keep it healthy.

Fill Gaps Between Teeth

Spacing issues in your teeth may develop due to underlying dental problems or genetics. Regardless, if you feel unhappy about gaps between your teeth, you can ask your dentist about cosmetic dental treatments that can fill them.

More severe malocclusions may need attention from an orthodontist. But your dentist can fill smaller gaps in your smile with teeth bonding. The resin provides a natural appearance that will make your smile appear fuller, smoother, and more gorgeous.

Reshape Tooth Irregularities

Your teeth are durable, but chronic behaviors like teeth grinding or accidents like impact trauma could affect the shape of your teeth. Major wear and tear could signify enamel damage that your dentist will need to treat to protect the health of your teeth.

But minor irregular shaping in your teeth can be amended with dental bonding. The dentist has control as they sculpt the malleable resin to reconstruct the shape of your teeth to something you can feel proud of.

Though continued rough treatment could affect your cosmetic dental work, your bonding should last for three to ten years with proper care and maintenance. Discuss your smile goals with your dentist and schedule an appointment to see if teeth bonding can get you the smile of your dreams.