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Prepare to See Your Cosmetic Dentist

Are you looking for a way to make your smile brighter, straighter, or otherwise enhanced? You can call your dentist to find a cosmetic dental treatment that will help you improve the look of your teeth.

Even if you look forward to this appointment, you might feel nervous in the dentist’s chair. You can remain calm and experience a more streamlined consultation when you feel prepared. Read on to learn what occurs during an initial visit with a cosmetic dentist.

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What Happens During a Cosmetic Dental Consult?

Evaluating Oral Health

You have scheduled this consultation appointment to learn about cosmetic treatment options with your dentist. But before you begin that discussion, your dentist will first want to examine your teeth and gums.

They will look for signs of dental damage, like cavities or gum disease. They will provide treatments for these issues before proceeding with cosmetic dental solutions. You will notice better results from these aesthetic enhancements with a healthy and stable foundation provided by your natural smile.

Designing Your Unique Enhanced Smile

With a healthy smile in place, you and your dentist can talk about the way that you would like your smile to look. Every patient’s smile and goals are different, so your dentist will factor in your desires when coming up with a cosmetic treatment plan.

The dentist will also consider your existing dental structure and medical history to find a strategy that will be the most effective for your unique teeth. They will maintain open communication through this process, letting you know what you can expect during the dental procedures as well as from your final look. If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, this is an ideal time to ask them.

Scheduling Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Once you have established a strategy for achieving your smile aesthetic goals, you can prepare for the dental work to accomplish them. You can work with the front desk staff to schedule any necessary appointments to complete your treatment.

The number of appointments you will need and the session length will vary depending on your unique treatment plan. In some cases, you can finish your cosmetic dental treatment within one visit, as with teeth bonding.

Patients seeking long-lasting smile enhancement from porcelain veneers will need at least two scheduled visits with their dentist. In the first appointment, the dentist will prepare the affected teeth and take impressions of the patient’s mouth to build veneers. Then, the patient returns to the dentist to have the veneers attached to their teeth once the fixtures are ready.

If you want to pursue whitening treatment from your dentist, you have several options available to you. You can schedule in-office whitening which can whiten teeth within 20 minutes. You may need more than one session to achieve your ideal tooth color.

Patients may also choose take-home whitening options from their dentist. These involve personalized trays that fit over the patient’s teeth and contain whitening gel. They should be worn as instructed to gradually whiten the patient’s smile. Your dentist will give you a good idea of what to expect from your treatment during this initial consult.