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Jaw Preservation with Implant Dentistry

Missing teeth can leave individuals with gaps disrupting the appearance of their smile and a decline in oral function. Their oral health could deteriorate further if they do not seek tooth replacement treatment from their dental professional. Even if the underlying cause of tooth loss is eradicated, they can develop further dental problems without restorative dentistry solutions.

Dental implants offer permanent, effective restorative advantages for patients with tooth loss, preventing many of these potential issues, including in the jaw. Dr. Adam Carraway, a dentist practicing in Greer, SC, describes the benefits that dental implants can provide for your jawbone structure.

protect jawbone in Greer South Carolina

How Does Tooth Loss Impact Bone in My Jaw?

The teeth of healthy dental patients feature a root that extends below the gumline to the jaw. The root stimulates the bone there, keeping it strong. After tooth loss, without the presence of the tooth root, the jawbone may begin to weaken.

Deteriorating jawbone can lead to the appearance of facial sagging. It can also cause remaining teeth to shift out of place, putting patients at risk of further dental damage.

Will Dental Implants Improve My Jawbone Health?

A dental implant consists of a titanium post anchor that a dentist surgically places into the jaw. This features an abutment above the gumline attached to the anchor where a dentist can secure the prosthetic tooth.

Not only does the prosthetic provide an appropriate and effective treatment for a missing tooth, but the anchor also replaces the absent tooth root. It stimulates the jaw once again, stopping bone loss.

The treatment also encourages any bone that has already deteriorated to regrow. This enhances both the look and capabilities of a patient’s smile and preserves its structure, providing a lifetime of restorative oral health benefits.

Am I Eligible for Implant Dentistry Solutions?

Though dental implants can provide more comprehensive advantages than a restorative solution that replaces teeth only above the gumline, like removable dentures, not everyone can qualify for implant dentistry treatment.

The titanium anchor requires a stable foundation in the jaw in order to successfully remain in place. If too much bone has been lost, the jaw may not be strong enough to support an implant.

If this is the case, your dentist may suggest a bone graft to build more stability in the jaw once healed. They can evaluate the strength of your jawbone using x-ray imaging they can take during a consultation appointment.

Dental Implants and More Restorative Dentistry in Greer, SC

Carraway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers dental implants and other tooth replacement solutions to patients in Greer, SC. Dr. Carraway also specializes in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry, including both preventative and emergency dental care, for patients of all ages. If you feel nervous about upcoming dental work, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry options. To schedule an appointment with our practice, contact our office by phone at 864.383.9711 or reach our staff online.